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Nebraska's Unparalleled Advantages

  • Speed to Markets
  • Two(2) Class 1 Rail Carriers (UPRR & BNSF)
  • Class Infrastructure
  • Minimal Congestion
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • 8,000 Licensed Motor Carriers

Nebraska has become a major logistics corridor with its many attributes including Interstate 80 stretched 482 miles across Nebraska along with seven (7) national highways running north-south.  B2B and B2C supply chains achieve reduced transportation transit distributing in the state of Nebraska.  Twenty-six percent (26) of the population can be serviced within a 1 day transit period via truck – add another day and you reach ninety-one (91) percent of the population.

From parcel to truckload volume Ford Storage provides distribution services to a global marketplace.  As a single-source logistics company we perform warehousing and fulfillment services on a wide-range of supply chain requirements.  Technologically advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) provide support for inbound and outbound orders, inventory tracking and proof of delivery services.  Our systems operate with flexibility in mind and are structured around your technology requirements.


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