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Ford Storage and Moving Company

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Consolidation Services for Healthcare, Hotels, Restaurants, and Retail stores

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FF & E Consolidation Services

Ford Storage & Moving Company is a combined 3rd-Party Logistics (3PL) provider & Home Delivery Services Company that compliments all aspects of the logistics industry.  FF & E projects require a specialized amount of detail, focus & flexibility to provide an efficient consolidation point.  Ford Storage services retail, hotel & healthcare projects with many requirements and our experience and concentration will ensure a high level of support.  

Dividing line

Furniture, Fixture & Equipment Consolidation Services | Ford Storage provides warehouse handling, storage and delivery of the following commodities:

  1. Appliances
  2. Artwork
  3. Carpet & Pad
  4. Casegoods
  5. Commercial & Retail Fixtures
  6. Consumable Products
  7. Electronics
  8. Equipment
  9. Furniture

 Programs | Ford Storage offers any combination of the services listed below:

  1. Retail, Hotel & Healthcare Projects
  2. One Point Contact Person
  3. Reverse Logistics and Returns Management
  4. Numeric Receiving Reports
  5. Warehousing Services
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Online Inventory Access
  8. On-Site Management
  9. Shipping Documents
  10. Delivery to Project Site
  11. Inside Delivery Services
  12. Configuration, Assembly, Kitting and Installation Services
  13. Maintenance & Repair
  14. Seasonal Projects
  15. Kiosk & Self-Service Devices
  16. Remodel & Retrofit Projects
  17. Debris Removal
  18. Digital Images by Request
  19. Retrofit Current FF & E Items

Value Added Services | Below are a few of the reasons to consider Ford Storage

  1. Five (5) Omaha Metropolitan Locations
  2. 3PL, Moving Services & High Value Services Combined
  3. Flexible Project Sensitivity & Service Levels
  4. Single Source Project Assistance
  5. Single Source Contact Person
  6. Online Inventory Management
  7. Retail, Hotel & Healthcare Openings, Rollouts, Remodeling & Promotional
  8. Ninety-Three (93) Years Industry Experience


Ford Storage and Moving Company
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