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Supply Chain Distribution Services

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With over 600,000 square feet of warehouse operating space Ford Storage capabilities include pallet racking systems and floor stackable space to serve your inventory requirements.  Product handling equipment includes fork, clamp, push-pull and roll clamp lift systems.  Attributes of Ford Storage facilities consist of equivalent levels of security monitoring systems, sanitation measures, fire systems and pest management to ensure an appropriate environment. Ford Storage benefits manufacturing, distributing and retail industries to reduce fixed expenses and eliminate long term financial commitments to efficiently provide supply chain solutions.

Ford Storage offers all of the necessary warehouse functionality of real-time activity, web-based inventory and bar-code options including scanning inbound and outbound freight.  In-house software programming and maintenance allow Ford Storage to create the perfect logistics solution for your industry challenge.

Food Grade Services.

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Since 2004 Ford Storage has been a member of the American Institute of Baking (AIB). Based on today’s level of food safety commitment and values Ford Storage has successfully implemented AIB Consolidated Standards for Food Distribution Centers. Through process control, education, sanitation and documentation Ford Storage has achieved the highest levels of rating. GMP and Food Safety have become the standard at our food grade facility.

Record Storage Services.

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Records Management
Local businesses benefit from the low cost and security of our records management services. Boxes of business documents are bar-coded for immediate access in clearly identifiable locations.

Security and Safety
All of your records are stored in our secured and monitored records area. Let us manage your business records while you concentrate on your business opportunities.


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